Diseños web con Adobe Flash

Los sitios en flash son muy criticados gracias al tabu de que un sitio creado con flash no vende y no se posiciona en internet y conosco a muchos con esa idea, que es totalmente erronea, talvez no vende para cierto tipo de sitios pero ay otros que haciendolos sin el dinamismo que flash puede ofrecer simplemente no sirven.

Ahora el caso del posicionamiento de sitios creados con flash ya hemos comentado que ya tiene solución, pues bueno en Vandelay design listaron a 30 sitios web con diseños flash innovadores, vale la pena verlos y yo me quedo con este párrafo del editor.

When should you use Flash?

  • When there’s a need for rich, dynamic user interactivity. JavaScript’s ability to provide fluid/smooth effects and interactivity is made easier with frameworks such as script.aculo.us and mootools, but it doesn’t come close to what Flash has to offer in terms of dynamic animations, effects, and interactivity.
  • When accessibility is not a high-priority. Flash, unfortunately, is not as accessible when compared to an XHTML based design, not only for assistive technologies such as screen readers, but also for non-traditional browsers such as those found in mobile devices. For example, the Apple iPhone does not currently support Flash.
  • When you need to show off your abilities. Flash developers naturally opt for Flash-based designs so that visitors can see their aptitude in designing Flash applications. In this way, Flash is also appropriate for those in similar fields such as web designers, developers, and front-end interaction designers.

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