Increible poster tipográfico de Steve Jobs

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El poster de Steve Jobs fue creado por Dylan Roscover utilizando Adobe Illustrator y Photoshop, se demoro sin dormir 24hrs para terminar este excelente trabajo y también explica como lo consiguio, sin duda un excelente poster tipográfico.

I used Adobe Illustrator and the Pen tool to trace his facial contours the way I figured they would make sense, one by one using the Type on a Path tool for each path.

The larger lines of type were hand-kerned character-by-character to fit accordingly. Near completion I used the Magic Wand tool to select areas of text and apply gradual shading.

Everything was composited in Adobe Photoshop as a smart object to give it that deep blue effect and the background ? + texture.

In total it look about 24 hours to complete during three days with no sleep (class assignment).

Para ver las imágenes del proceso de diseño llevo Dylan pueden seguir el enlace.

Enlace: Typeface portrait of Steve Jobs

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